2016-2017 Yearly Newsletter

The 2016-2017 Yearly Newsletter is now available!  For a direct link, click here http://perkasieauthority.org/sites/perkasieauthority.org/files/basic_pag...

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UPDATE: Important Information on PFOA and PFOS

Due to the recent health concerns regarding PFOA’s and PFOS’s Perkasie Regional Authority elected to voluntarily re-sample all four of our water system’s entry points on September 22nd 2016.  When the initial round of testing was done in 2013 all four entry points were determined to have non-detectable levels of PFOA’s and PFOS’s.  At that time the lowest levels they could detect were 20 ppt (parts per trillion) for PFOA and 40 ppt for PFOS.  Since that time, testing procedures have changed and laboratories can now detect 2 ppt for both PFOA and PFOS.  Currently PFOA’s and PFOS’s

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Chromium-6 News

The Perkasie Regional Authority is dedicated to providing the safest possible water supply around the clock to our consumers.  Our customers’ water meets or exceeds all federal EPA and Pennsylvania DEP drinking water standards.  In today’s climate of water quality and health safety there are consistently new reports regarding just about every aspect of water quality.  Most recently there have been reports regarding Chromium-6 or Hexavalent Chromium.  It has been found in 75% of U.S. drinking water samples at varying levels.

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