The Perkasie Regional Authority's Board governs how the Authority operates by establishing rules and regulations for the operation of the Authority.  The following are the rules, regulations and contractor specifications for Water Service, Sewer Service and Rates, Fees and Billing Procedures.

PDF icon Guidelines for Developers and Engineers179.28 KB
PDF icon Water Specifications1.12 MB
PDF icon Sewer Specifications493.82 KB
PDF icon Water-Air Release Manhole48.82 KB
PDF icon Water-Downward Thrust Block56.38 KB
PDF icon Water-Fire Hydrant55.39 KB
PDF icon Water-Horizontal Reaction Backing55.51 KB
PDF icon Water-Residential Meter Setting Requirements114.54 KB
PDF icon Water-Non Residential Meter Setting Requirements65.56 KB
PDF icon Water-Pressure Test Schematic31.12 KB
PDF icon Water-Residential Service Line70.05 KB
PDF icon Water-Standard Blow-Off50.86 KB
PDF icon Water-Tapping Sleeve & Valve35.22 KB
PDF icon Water-Upward Thrust Block56.55 KB
PDF icon Water-Yard Hydrant35.65 KB
PDF icon Water-WATTS 7 Series Installation Instructions244.98 KB
PDF icon Water-WATTS Dual Check Valves2.47 MB
PDF icon Water-WATTS 7 Series Dual Check Backflow Preventers5.56 MB
PDF icon Sewer-Concrete Encasement & Pedestal49 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Drop Manhole Collar30.62 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Duplex Grinder Pump Station119.32 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Existing House Connection52.45 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Flexible Pavement Restoration40.65 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Manhole Frame & Cover46.27 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Manhole Frame Seal40.73 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Manhole Waterproof Frame & Cover58.01 KB
PDF icon Sewer-New House Connection55.54 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Pipe Bedding & Envelope52.28 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Precast Doghouse Manhole45.66 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Precast Manhole Base35.49 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Precast Manhole Frame & Steps29.11 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Pressure Grinder Pump Station89.33 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Rigid Pavement Restoration38.04 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Sanitary Lateral Deep Sewer47.22 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Sanitary Lateral Shallow Sewer34.53 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Saddle35.75 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Stream Crossing-Sections84.97 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Stream Crossing Plan41.85 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Temporary Pavement Restoration23.72 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Trench Backfill56.15 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Type A Drop Manhole84.54 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Type A Manhole77.92 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Type B Manhole73.33 KB
PDF icon Sewer-Typical Connection to Sewer Main69.44 KB


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Jun 26
PRA Board Meeting Update

The PRA Board meeting that was originally scheduled for July 2, 2018 has been cancelled.  

The next scheduled meeting is July 17, 2018.  All meetings are open to the Public!

Location:  150 Ridge Road, Sellersville, PA  18960, 7:00 p.m.

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Jun 07
PRA phone service has been restored!

PRA phone service has been restored!

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Jun 07
PRA Phone Service Down

PRA is experiencing loss of phone service today (June 7, 2018)...we will continue to provide updates as necessary!

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