News Article from USA TODAY "Nation's water costs rushing higher"

USA TODAY Analysis: Nation's water costs rushing higher

By Kevin McCoy, USA TODAY

While most Americans worry about gas and heating oil prices, water rates have surged in the past dozen years, according to a USA TODAY study of 100 municipalities. Prices at least doubled in more than a quarter of the locations and even tripled in a few.

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Storage Tank to Be Overhauled

water tank

As per the Authority's Maintenance Agreement with Southern Corrosion, a total overhaul/rehabilitation is currently being performed on the two-million gallon storage tank on Park Avenue. The tank will be drained, sandblasted and repainted both inside and out.

There should be no service interruptions or changes in water quality during the overhaul/rehabilitation.

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Is Water Line Protection Necessary?

water line protection

Investment in a third-party arrangement may not be worth it.

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